Se conoce por autoinducción al fenómeno de origen electromagnético que se presenta en los sistemas físicos, por ejemplo en los circuitos. Pero Henry pronto experimentó exitosamente con la inducción electromagnética y la autoinducción, que fue el fundamento básico para el telégrafo, teléfono. Electricidad, magnetismo, electromagnetismo, inducción electromagnética, autoinducción y corriente alterna. Front Cover. Vicente Bernad. V. Bernard, .

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Fraday’s law, Lenz’s law, and conservation of energy. Ideal capacitor and energy conservation. Electric and magntetic forces between parallel wire conductors. Floating metal ring in an alternating magnetic field. The Physics Teacher, Vol 38, Maypp. Energy flow for a variable-gap capacitor. An electrostatic machine for the 20 th electromabnetica. Mak S Y, Young K. Direct observation of the force on a dielectric.

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electromanetica The Feynman lectures on Physics on physics. Recycling the Earth inductor. Kessler G, Lucas P. Determination of the self-inductance of a metal ring. An experiment on magnetic pulses.

Meyer J, Berhof A. Simple theory and experiment. Physics Education, Julypp The Physics Teacher, 42 Aprilp. Angular momentum in static electric and magnetic fields: Six ways to measure inductance.

Note on the magnetic energy density. Bahder T, Sak J. Electricity, Magnetism and Light. Demostration of Lenz’s law: The energy lost between two capictors: Physics Education 43 4 Julypp.

The magnetic field along the axis of a long solenoid. An analytic and analog computer solution.

Bibliografía. Electromagnetismo

The Physics Teacher, Vol 42, Marchpp. Estimating the Earth’s magnetic field strength with an autoinduccio cord. Elliptic integrals, the forgotten functions. I nduced EMF in a solenoid: A surprise twist to a simple capacitor problem. A study on the physical behaviour of a dielectric slab inserted into a parallel-plate capacitor. Force on the dielectric in parellel plate capacitor. The RCL circuit and the determination of inductance.

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Autoinducción & INducción Mutua by Josue Guerrero on Prezi

On the theory of an electrostatic pendulum augoinduccion. Physics Education 42 2 Marchpp. Force on a dielectric slab inserted into a parallel-plate capacitor. A, de Dios J. Velocity measurements through magnetic induction. Note on the experimental determination of Coulomb’s law. The Physics Teacher Vol 45, Octoberpp. Extending Elihu Thomson’s demostration and Lenz’s law.