Method. Wash, core and chop a large pear, add to the steamer blender with 25g of fresh blueberries. Steam for 15 minutes, drain off any excess water. When I first heard about Avent combined steamer and blender, I wasn’t entirely sold. My initial thoughts were “What will I do with it after my baby. Baby Food Maker Review – I have used Philips avent combined steamer and blender in most of the baby food recipes posted so far in my blog.

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Flip the jar over and turn the same button to right and blend it for 10 seconds without releasing your svent. Pros of Philips avent combined steamer and blender: When the plum is already steamed. Luckily for me, Philips sent me a demo Avent combined steamer and blender for review purposes.

Wash and soak blueberries in avemt water for 5 minutes. Yes boiling leads to some nutrient loss compare to steaming! Your email address will not be published. But time became a major factor as i had to take care of my baby all alone after my hubby goes to office. Hence many readers asked about this kitchen appliance and how for its useful.

No, don’t see the point. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best blfnder on our website. Is it safe to use it for babies? Finally i got this Philips avent combined steamer and blender after lot of research as it promised healthy wholesome baby meal quick and easy. Especially mine, who cannot handle spice. Refrigerate or freeze your remaining portions of chicken mixture for later use.


Place in the steamer to steam for 10 mins. Pour ml water into the boiler unit and steam for 15 minutes Add the frozen peas to the jug. The Philips combined steamer and blender gently steam fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Open the lid of the Philips avent jar by push the extended side and twist it.

When I was planning to start solids for my baby at 6 months, i was damn sure that I am going to make my own baby food. Just 1 — 2 seconds of 2 -3 blends.

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So I searched for all baby food makers which makes my job easy. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and they are very easy to digest. Vegetable biryani Scrumptious first grown-up biryani, tasty yet full of healthy ingredients.

Your email address will not be published. Thanks for visiting my space and taking time to read about me. After chopping the vegetables, just pressure cook it for 3 whistles with a cup of water and then puree it. My dad had a hobby, he kept live stocks and planted fruit trees in our backyard.

Posted by Jasbir Kaur Dalip Beeray at With the help of child nutritionist Dr.

It also time saving. Baby Food Steamrr Review — Recips have used Philips avent combined steamer and blender in most of the baby food recipes posted so far in my blog. After 8 months, u can offer peeled cooked cut carrots as finger food to your baby. This recipe was taken from the recipe booklet which comes with this steamer and blender.


Drain and set aside. Yes, a little bit. Steam, flip, blend and serve Baby Food – Philips. Cookery books on Amazon I Can Cook!

Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender Review | Carrot Puree Recipe for Babies

It also blends the steamed food to your desired consistency. We were quite lucky this time because there were a big number of young participants at the camp and we were assigned a big room with many power points.

Can we add rice recipea dal to this fir steaming with veggies? Also avoid including carrots daily if baby is constipated and try alternative days. New on Secret Sauce Chocolate dipped strawberries Viva avennt and chocolate are a match made in heaven and make a delicious treat and a healthier alternative to bllender bar of chocolate.

Wash pear with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. However, you may do so, if baby likes.

Hello… I have been using my Avent steamer cum blender slightly over a month. Add milk breast milk or formula milk and blend it. Linda June 18, Reply. It was truly a godsend as it only took a couple of powerful blending cycles to turn the steamed food into a smooth puree.

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Thank you for stopping by at A cuppa for my thoughts. Make sure red light is avenr. Healthy and easy carrot puree is ready to feed your baby.