Boswellia copallifera resin commonly known as Copal Blanco and Copal de Penca harvested in Mexico. Background: The plant species Bursera copallifera (DC) bullock is used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation. The leaves of this plant. PDF | Plants from the Bursera genus are widely distributed in the tropical dry forests of Mexico. In traditional medicine, extracts from different.

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The resin produced by this species is one of the most prized and sought after copals in Bursega. The cytotoxic activities of the organic extracts of B. Ear punch biopsies 8 mm in diameter were obtained and immediately weighed. The plant species Bursera copallifera DC bullock is used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation. White-tailed deer habitat in the Huautla Sierra, Morelos, Mexico.

Bursera copallifera

Presence of terpenoids and flavonoids were confirmed after planar chromatography analysis. It is often considered to have one of the heaviest bodies and the strongest fragrance, with one notable exception being Palo Santo resin. Centro de Investigacion en Biotecnologia.

Bioactive constituents from roots of Bursera tonkinensis. Therapeutic role of dual inhibitors of 5-LOX and COX, selective and non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Bursera copallifera ยท

Brsera assessed the anti-inflammatory activities of the organic extracts of B. A dye may be made from the bark and the resin is said to make a fine varnish for traditional word workings. The method employed was based on the sulforhodamine B assay, as reported by Skehan, et al.


All of the extracts that were obtained copallkfera the different parts of B. This superior form of the White Copal family has undertones of what appear to be black pepper. The incense smoke is also burrsera thought to be helpful for headaches. It is thought that by censing the jawbones of animals killed during the hunt will allow their souls to return to their rightful place in the spirit world. The effects of the organic extracts of B.

Gautam R, Jachak S. Natural products are promising substances for the identification and development of bioactive compounds to develop drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Table 1 Organic extracts of the aerial parts of Bursera copallifera and the corresponding yields. This incense produces a much richer fragrance than the easier to find “Copal Blanco” from Indonesia that is supper hard and is mostly transparent when broken apart see Agathis philippinensis and Shorea species for examples.

In our study, we performed an extensive screening of the cytotoxic activities of the co;allifera parts of B. J Natl Cancer Inst. It is thought to be useful for uterine diseases and is made into ointments for relieving headaches.

Cytotoxic and antioxidant activities of selected Lamiales species from Mexico. Semi-hardy in Phoenix Sun Exposure: We try to check carefully the identification of the plants on the illustrations as well as the other information from the page, but occasionally errors do occur.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Plantae Angiosperms Burseraceae Bursera copallifera.

Natural products as sources of new drugs over the 30 years from copallufera Copal de Penca is a semi-hard, opaque white resin obtained from the Bursera genus. Arthur Allman Bullock Of these, Amyris copallifera Amyris jorullensis Amyris lanuginosa Amyris rugosa Bursera glabrescens Bursera cipallifera Bursera lanuginosa Bursera palmeri var.


Please expect the above information to be revised as cipallifera information becomes available. Accessed on 25 Aug Encyclopedia of Life, available from http: The hydroalcoholic, methanolic, and dichloromethane-methanol crude extracts were dissolved in mixtures of H 2 O-MeOH 3: Silvia Marquina Bahena1 Dra.

Inflammation and cancer stem cells. Canarium luzonicumAgathis philippinensis.

Bursera copallifera – Ethereal Aromas Incense Company

Inflammatory cascades can lead to the development of diseases such as chronic asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and psoriasis.

However, the novelty of our contribution lies bkrsera the broad panel of evaluated cell lines using several organic extracts aerial parts. The vehicle was the solvent used in the assay, and the negative control was the vehicle with TPA 2. Although the TPA-induced mouse ear model of inflammation is nonspecific, it is widely used for acute anti-inflammatory screening because TPA activates PLA 2 ,[ 17 ] and the resulting edema is primarily mediated by PG E 2. That being vursera, Copal de Penca is an excellent substitute for Frankincense in Latin American incense blends.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease. This extract also exhibited antitumor activity in mice coppallifera with LY lymphoma cells and in zebra fish.

Published in Molecules,14,