Oct 29, Abstract of Cornel West’s “Nihilism in Black America” by Mike Peterson Description West argues that the two current and polarized “camps” that. Oct 29, Abstract of Cornel West’s “Nihilism in black America” By Jenny Lowry Description of Article West argues that the dilemma of African Americans. Nihilism in Black America. Cornel West ▫ Spring Recent discussions about the plight of African Americans—especially those at the bottom of the social.

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Very motivational language, but it lacks concrete solutions or follow-through. Of course this propels some degree of hopelessness and nihilism: What is missing is leadership. For as long as hope remains and meaning is preserved, the possibility of overcoming oppression stays alive. He argues that this threat is invading black America, but the only example he gives is that of commodification of goods in poverty ridden communities. Multiple and multifaceted approaches at every level of human existence would be more inclusive, realistic and effective — also a very long march stumbling and falling forward it would seem.

Malcolm called for the formation of a mass americaa Black movement with international alliances.

A blog for thoughtful reflection and concise analysis. It seems like West is dooming black Americans with this incurable disease.

Cornel West’s Race Matters

How can capitalism be the problem for all crime? My answer goes beyond a critique, however. The solution is a politics of conversion, which treats the nihilistic threat as a disease that can be tamed but never cured.

He uses direct, colorful language that is borderline bombastic at times. Yet the way Dr. In the last five years, the Back Democratic Party mayors of four of the five largest cities have lost elections.


Cornel West of Princeton University and his book Race Matters, I discovered a particularly profound analysis of the issue that directly relates to my own philosophical and emotional struggles throughout my life in the Confederacy. During my first week of high school in the Mississippi school system, I sat with my older lback for cornnel in the cafeteria.

It would have meant organizing all people against the two parties.

Just when one would have guessed that Black America was flexing its political and intellectual muscles, rigor mortis seems to have set in. Subsequently, an exceptionally powerful-looking African American student sauntered calmly toward him.

Unlike most socialists, he does not point his finger at capitalism as nhiilism primary source of the problem. Every “culture and race” goes without “something”, but blacks are structurally deprived of particular opportunities that give them a disproportionately small share of the nihilisn wealth. So nihilism is our number one problem as Blacks.

But now the commodification of black life and the crisis of black leadership have resulted in the crumbling of those structures and a relapse of nihilism. Posted by Ryan Carroll at The USA is a multiethnic state. Treating nihilism as a disease corenl can be tamed by love and care, but that can never by completely cured Williams’ “Culture is Ordinary” Raymond Williams: Just ask Cornel West how it feels to see your uncle lynched and tied to a tree with an American flag.

I hope you’ve educated yourself on Black history and the real evils of capitalism by now. Focus on behavioral impediments. Middle- class Blacks broke into new areas of employment and housing even under Reagan and Bush. Does this have the potential to hamper his argument? Thursday, October 13, Nihilism in Black America. There can be and will be individual exceptions. Blacks not inhilism themselves through the eyes of whites.

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This was not an ultraleft or sectarian stance.

African American History at Rhodes College: Nihilism in Black America

Thus West analysis tends to minimize the role of capitalism i. Is West implying that the idea of national leadership is inherently defunct and irredeemable? Although Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus have played a valuable role in exposing racism in government, and have taken some positions that are unpopular with the powers that be, their refusal to abandon capitalist politics for independent politics has led to little relief for the majority of Blacks.

Or is he saying that these conel leaders again, Jackson and Sharpton have the potential be effective leaders if local progressive efforts improve and operate in conjunction with, rather than in subordination to, this national leadership? This threat is not simply a matter of relative economic deprivation and political powerlessness — though economic well-being and political clout are requisites for meaningful Black progress.

There will be battles for state power.

Cornel West’s Race Matters | Solidarity

The strength of his view is that he takes on taboo subjects including Black anti-Semitism, sexism in the Black community, and homophobia and demands a critical look at how to reverse Black degradation and remove the color line. West discusses how these wsst focus too narrowly on structures liberal structuralists or on values, attitudes, and individualism conservative behavioristsand ignore the nihilistic threat: Could critics dismiss him as being blaack emotional or too enmeshed in the culture to be reliable?

It’s been a few years.