Vanishing Point is an experimental novel by David Markson which was published in References[edit]. ^ Joseph Tabbi (), The Encyclopedia of. In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson. From Wittgenstein’s Mistress to. Those who adored experimentalist Markson’s previous two outings (Reader’s Block, ; This Is Not a Novel, ) will be ecstatic anew as.

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The book does not live up to it’s efforts, but IS literature because it while failing, fails greatly, reaching for the stars. The mutability of fate, the fragility poit fame; not surprising topics for an author setting forth on his eighth decade.

In the world that Markson envisions, art is built upon and built upon; nothing is created in a vacuum. Then after many revisions, typewritten. Life is a matter of having the money to fuck around, generally borne of people who come to despise one another and call it Creation.

David Markson is a writer who writes like this. Artists and their peers, mentors or students. Themes and patterns emerge, and death stalks the card file. May 05, Lee rated it really liked it. It’s in the reader’s head. But not the bit about Author being born. Mar 05, Ryan Chapman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What to Markaon Dec It’s not a book I would recommend to many people, but I certainly appreciated Markson’s unusual blend of art and erudition.

Not an ironic lot on the whole, catalogers. Vanishing Point is yet another Markson novel that, like the two preceding ones Reader’s Block and This is not a Novelconsists vamishing titbits, observations, aracana, quotes, and the like.

It is not just the choices of the biographical details which are so perfect, but the language used to express them is often dazzling – the chosen word order of the sentences is particularly impressive.


Vanishing Point

Is Author only innovative, if he can find a critic who will assert and promote the fact of his innovation? But now the garret is a thing of the past. And the author himself does interject from time to time, at first seeming no more authorial than we the reader, which may vanizhing be the point of the exercise. View all 11 comments.

Similarities are also noted: They remind you of haikus, often-times with Yoda-esque syntax. Contemporary references include Jonathan Franzen quoted — without attribution — as saying: Apr 10, Stacey rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.

True also does this style resemble what Wittgenstein did in his book s. Escher drawing of fish.

This then becomes a substitute for traditional content, allowing Markson to fill a novel with nothing of what you might call “weight. Weirdly, it is every bit as addictive as it is plotless. To ask other readers questions about Vanishing Pointplease sign up. This Is Not a Novel.

In each case, it is and poitn isn’t.


Books of the Week. Like the ending of Vanishing Point does, which is as graceful as a perfect 10 gymnastic landing. Obstinately cross-referential and of cryptic interconnective syntax. Jan 23, Andrew added it Shelves: The story that does exist is ostensibly about Author, who is organizing his boxes of notecards with the intention of writing a novel.

And, like the two previous volumes of davie does amount to a trilogy, all this does add up to more than its parts.

Vanishing Point (Markson novel) – Wikipedia

Aug 27, Gabriel added it Shelves: The ending is also effectively devastating. Baseball players and their nicknames. Author had been scribbling the notes on three-by-five-inch index cards. It’s more of a writer’s commonplace book – or according to its author, it’s an arrangement of his index cards of Interesting Facts.

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Don’t be surprised if this ends up with a five before too long. This is now the second of his I’ve read, and both times, I felt baffled and confused and a little bit angry as I was reading through them, although I was more receptive to this than I was to Wittgenstein’s Mistress because a I knew I liked Wittgenstein’s Mistress a lot once I got through it and b the little anecdotes about famous painters, sculptors philosophers, composers, writers, and just a few filmmakers were often fascinating.

Some of the later folders contain print-outs of web pages, when I was afraid I might lose them due to their ephemerality, not realising that cyberspace might actually be forever.

It is different for each reader. It is a credit to the author– the book’s true author– that he has accomplished so much with little more than what seems to be an experiment in the employment of excessive non-sequitors.

Or, in other words, what is being a genius worth if you still have to die? I think these books’ style might be good to entice “non-readers” to dafid ranks, step out on the plank and plunge into what we all hold as “passion ground” for the soul. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Death and art and petty egos, this book is about.