Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. , Vol. 30, No. 4, SOME EVIDENCE DONALD G. DUTTON2 AND ARTHUR P. ARON. University of. The suspension bridge experiment was conducted by Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron in , in order to demonstrate a process where people. Short talk about the famous psychological experiment of Douglas Dutton and Arthur Aron in which males passing a high anxiety inducing.

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The participants were then asked to view a video of a female confederate either manipulated to be attractive or unattractive. After conducting the study, the researchers found that regardless of whether the person was aware of the true cause of arousal, they were still more attracted to the target person than those in the control condition.

The participants then were observed to see if they appeared to be angry or euphoric and took a self-reported survey about their mood.

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In both settings, attractive female confederates approached male subjects and prompted them for help on a psychology project. The results suggested aorn self perception and attribution play a major role in emotional response.

Misattribution of arousal

Published by Jean Allison Modified over 3 years ago. In one study, they put the participants into three different groups: They ran a field experiment on two bridges over a river in British Columbia – one, a solid wooden bridge 10 feet above the river, while the other, a suspension bridge feet above the river.

Typically people feel more confident before they are supposed to do a task, but the closer they get to having to perform that task, the less confident they feel, which could be due to the arousal from the expectation of the performance.

The reason physiological symptoms may be attributed to incorrect stimuli is because many stimuli have similar physiological symptoms such as increased blood pressure or shortness of breath.

The experiment confirmed the researcher’s hypothesis that individuals in a duttton aroused state were more likely to rate a target as attractive than an unaroused individual. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. A second experiment replicated this first experiment. Emotions and Mood Emotions, often called feelings, include experiences such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, and grief. Because Dutton and Aron saw potential alternative explanations for this result, they replicated the experiment in the laboratory.

However, it is possible that only risk-seeking men crossed the wobbly bridge that is a tourist attraction. The participants then predicted how well they did on the tasks, and how well they believed everyone else did on the task. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The respondents were instructed to invent a story to this; the picture did not have any obvious sexual content.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. A study done by Loftis and Ross in looked at the effects of misattribution of arousal upon acquisition and extinction of a conditional emotional response.

Misattribution of arousal – Wikipedia

A study done by White et al. There were no significant differences on either bridge when the researchers used a male confederate to give the Thematic Apperception Test and his phone number for any further questions about the experiment.

White, Fishbein, and Rutsein hypothesized that the polarity of an individual’s arousal could influence the impact of the misattribution of arousal. An example of the possible effects of misattribution of arousal is perceiving a potential partner as more attractive because of a heightened state of physiological stress. Thus, the researchers concluded that males could misinterpret feelings of anxiety for physical attraction.

To test this hypothesis the researchers created 19774 separate videos to prime the subjects with a positive, negative, or neutral arousal. They found that if someone was physiologically aroused without being aware of it, they would attribute their arousal to a recent thought in their memory. Thus, arousal an to fear of getting a strong shock was attributed to the attraction of a female person.

When fear becomes attraction Other studies demonstrated that arousal due to physic activities, was attributed to anger toward another person, but only some minutes after training; otherwise, a person knows that activity elicited arousal Zillmann et al.

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In the other condition, the woman had approached the men after they had crossed the bridge. Paige Coulter-Kern Scott Samale. Misattribution of arousal, which is an influence on emotion processing, can be found in multiple situations, such as romantic situations and physiological responses from exercise. The female confederate, who was not aware of the true hypothesis of the experiment, then gave her phone number to the males if they had any more questions about the experiment and the researchers documented how many males called the confederate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After they made their predictions, the researchers either told them that the noise could make them nervous, the noise would have no effect on them, or they were told that they would not have to do the tasks until the next session a month away after they were exposed to the noise.

The tasks were to unscramble anagrams or to recall as many nonsense syllables as they could after seeing them briefly. These men aroon be more prone to sexual adventures and therefore call more frequently than men who crossed the stable bridge. Based on 9174 meaning maintenance model Heine et al.

We think you have liked this presentation. At the end, the experimenter offered his or her phone number so that the respondent can call in for results if interested. The Effect of Arousal on Attraction: The confederate played basketball with pieces of balled up scrap paper while djtton the euphoric state or had to take a questionnaire and became very angry with the personal questions in the anger state.

One of the earlier studies that focused on misattribution of arousal was done by Schachter and Singer in The study found that regardless of the stimuli’s polarity, the participants in the aroused state found the attractive confederate more attractive and the unattractive confederate as less attractive than the unaroused participants.