ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTMINI. ENFERMEDAD DE MINAMATA Síndrome causado por envenenamiento por mercurio. ENVENENAMIENTO POR MERCURIO PRODUCCIÓN. Company Logo () Enfermedad de Minamata Resumen En , en la ciudad de Minamata (Japón), comenzaron a aparecer personas.

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In most people’s minds, the issue of Minamata disease had been resolved. On October 21,Chisso was ordered by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to switch back its wastewater drainage from the Minamata River to Hyakken Harbour and to speed up the installation of wastewater treatment systems at the factory.

Unlike the patients in Minamata, the victims of Showa Denko’s pollution lived a considerable distance from the factory and had no particular link to the company. This section does not cite any sources. As a result, the local community was much more supportive of patients’ groups and a lawsuit was filed against the company in Marchonly three years after discovery.

The litigation group lawyers sought to prove Chisso’s corporate negligence. The Kumamoto branch, in particular, was especially helpful to the case. During andmany different theories were proposed by different researchers. Chisso’s Illegal Acts[32] published in Augustformed the basis of the ultimately successful lawsuit.

This resulted in many applicants being rejected by the committee, leaving them confused and frustrated. In Septembera report was issued proving Showa Denko’s pollution to be the cause of this second Minamata disease. The causative agent is methylmercury. Some people feared the disease to be contagious, and many local people were fiercely loyal to Chisso, depending on the company for their livelihoods. Minamata disease compensation agreements of The company replied that it was unable to judge what would be fair compensation and asked the national government to set up a binding arbitration committee to decide.

As a result, postwar Japan took a small step toward democracy. Japanese minqmata Takeshi Ishikawa, who assisted Smith in Minamata, has since exhibited his own enfermedxd documenting the disease. The deception was successful and almost all parties involved in Minamata disease were duped into believing that the factory’s wastewater had been made safe from December onward.

The committee certified only patients exhibiting explicit symptoms of the British syndrome, rather than basing their diagnosis on the disease in Japan. As of March2, victims had been officially certified 1, of whom have died [2] and over 10, people had received financial compensation from Chisso, [3] although they were not recognised as official victims.


Local doctors and medical officials had noticed for a long time an abnormally high frequency of cerebral palsy and other infantile disorders in the Minamata area.

Often these patients find themselves tied to their own homes and the care of their family, effectively isolated from the local community. The defendant’s factory was a leading chemical plant with the most advanced technology and In Japanese, despite the English title. However, in an effort to limit the liability and financial burden on the company, these committees were sticking to a rigid interpretation of Minamata disease. The highest concentrations centred around the Chisso factory wastewater canal in Hyakken Harbour and decreased going out to sea, clearly identifying the plant as the source of contamination.

Slowly but surely, the mood in Minamata and Japan as a whole was shifting. While the struggles of the arbitration and litigation groups against Chisso were continuing, a new group of Minamata disease sufferers emerged. Although the environmental protests did result in Japan becoming more democratized, it did not completely rid Mnamata of the system that first suppressed the fishermen and victims of Minamata disease.

Malaltia de Minamata

Furthermore, compensation of the victims led to continued strife in the community, including unfounded accusations that some of the people who sought compensation did not actually suffer from the disease.

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She was ignored, her family’s fishing boat used without permission, their fishing nets were cut, and human faeces were thrown at her in the street. By using this enfermedwd, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Un deshonroso podio para Colombia

It was caused by the release of methylmercury in enfermedsd industrial wastewater from the Chisso Corporation ‘s chemical factory, which continued from to This fact, combined with the lack of other industry, meant that Chisso had great influence in Minamata.

The involvement of the press also aided the process of democratization because it caused more people to become aware of the facts of Minamata disease and the pollution that caused it.


Identifying which particular poison was responsible for the disease proved to be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

His Japanese wife and he lived in Minamata from to The disease developed without any prior warning, with patients complaining of a loss of sensation and numbness in their hands and feet. The results shocked the researchers involved. Scientific community trying to decipher the in-depth molecular mechanism of the disease caused due to methylmercury. A committee was set up enfermsdad Minamata Mayor Todomu Nakamura to mediate between the two sides, but this committee was stacked heavily in the company’s favour.

Hajime Hosokawa died three months after giving his testimony. Patients’ families were the victim of discrimination and ostracism from the local community. For that reason, the council has always been under immense pressure to reject claimants and minimise the financial burden placed on Chisso. The immediate effect was the death of fish at the mouth of the river, and from that point on, new Minamata disease victims began to appear in other fishing villages up and down the coast of the Shiranui Seaas the pollution spread over an even greater area.

On Monday, March 29,a group of 2, uncertified victims reached a settlement with the government of Japan, the Kumamoto Prefectural government, and Chisso Corporation to receive individual lump-sum payments of minxmata.

The chemical reaction used to produce the acetaldehyde used mercury sulfate as a catalyst.

Un deshonroso podio para Colombia

The company did not reveal these significant results to the investigators and ordered Hosokawa to stop his research. The certification committee convened on jinamata November and agreed that the two dead children and the 16 children still alive should be certified as patients, and therefore liable for “sympathy” payments from Chisso, in line with the agreement. At a meeting on the 5th of Aprilthe opposing views within the society could not be reconciled and the organisation split into the arbitration group who were willing to accept binding arbitration and the litigation group who decided to sue the company.

On the day of the signing, the Minamata Citizens’ Council held a protest outside the Minamata factory gates.