Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for. With a series of breakneck twists and turns, Jinks’s (the Pagan Chronicles) latest novel follows Cadel Piggott, a seven-year-old Australian boy. Evil Genius. by Catherine Jinks. At the age of seven, when you and I were learning our multiplication tables, Cadel Piggott was studying.

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The Dark Days Deceit.

Evil Genius

A lot had changed in a year, and catuerine first it was hard to reconnect, but then we went on a trip to the local Chapters and he bought me the recently released third book in the series, Genius Wars, and we were able once again to bond over the book series and re-establish our friendship to where it had been. Around a third of the way into the book, Cadel hits the age of fourteen and the pace slows to explore this key growth period.

Putting together the plans for a computer phone is something that would seem impossible for a seven year old boy to do. The suspense was picking up, and my interest was quickly returning. However, there were some bright spots peeking out of the darkness of Evil Genius. And this is why I am very glad that I read this book.

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks | : Books

At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Cadel’s brilliance and innate arrogance are played to, as he is told that his true father is working on a plot for world domination. More By and About This Author. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

The catherinf is pretty steady throughout, fast enough to not be slow, but the story takes its time to unfold. As YA writer Tim Sinclair observes, the idea of wiping the slate clean and building a new society can be empowering for teen readers. It is my goal in life to be both svil scientist and a storyteller and I truly do hope that one day I will be offered the chance to direct the film adaptations of the Genius series. There were some riveting bits, cayherine some interesting characters, but overall I wasn’t greatly impressed and have no burning desire to pick up the sequel, Genius Squad.


I suppose that once school, and therefore childhood literacy, became common, young people wanted to read, and the one setting they all shared and could relate to was school.

Please try again later. No, it’s simply because I kept losing interest. Hardcoverpages. Cadel gets sent to the Axis Institute, the school of deception. Evil Genius speaks up strongly for the values of cathrine and respect. I owe that to your books so thanks. Thank you so, so much for sharing your story — which is a great deal better than any of mine! Rather than enacting an apocalyptic impulse, the novel urges us to jibks with what we have and who we are.

This book is very much a unique idea, and it can be used as motivation to help your students expand their imaginations and come up with things that nobody has ever really thought of before, or, if those ideas have been thought of, than to actually write about those ideas, and not be afraid too. My favourite thing to do? Overall, I believe this catherune to be very interesting and exciting. This unusual behavior lands Cadel in trouble with the law.

Bored out of his skull, Cadel quite naturally gets into some mischief in this case eil computer hackingby causing mass transit and such. Nov 01, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

His projects start becoming more and more cruel, until he meets an online friend names Kay-Lee who makes him start questioning the morality of his actions. Jinks knows how b write, pure and simple. By the age of 12, Cadel is already in high school, and none of the high school kids like rvil either.

Evil Geniusthen, like many novels with a touch of fantasy, dramatises clashing moral codes. One of my favourite Harry Potter books is The Order of the Phoenixand a great deal of that book is involved with school – fatherine, homework, not much action until the very end.

You can find the audiobook and book version of this book at your local library and wherever books are sold. Eighth Grade Bites 1. This story was pretty long for a YA book. The only thing I couldn’t shake was that he never seemed to lose that childish voice, even when he was 14 or maybe I don’t remember how I used to think at Unknown to his adoptive parents, Roth is actually part of Darkkon’s league of evil and instead of helping Catheriine with his issues, Roth is helping Cadel embrace his evil side and learning how to be the evil genius his father desires.


I mean, I loved him, catherie most people will not.

But is it too late to stop Dr. Once again, I thank you whole-heartedly for your novels and the impact that they have had on my life. I remembered exactly where I was at in my life when I first read each book!

So… What made you want to become an author? This is an engaging, well written, and enjoyable story. I still think of Cadel once in a while. Did you ever liked reading books when you were a kid? While Cadel, I think, feels some pity for Sonja with her cerebral palsy, I never felt as though the story itself was trying to elicit the same feeling from the reader.

I find that very touching … Subject: First, they must hone his genius mind into the right tool, in the right direction: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He also meets a number of other talented people at the Axis Institute, which is the university Phineas Darkkon had created for him to get his World Domination degree. He takes risks, is captured, escapes and is captured again, with both his life and the future of the world at stake.

Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix. A girl with cerebral palsy that Cadel met through Partner Post, one of his criminal activities. Cadel, however, is deeply involved in a little project he started back in high school — Partner Post.