Faerûn’s Underdark is not a single, contiguous cavern system, and even places on the same level may not connect to each other. The existence of Underdark. The region called the Underdark is an entire world beneath the feet of the surface dwellers of Faerûn. Inhabited by monstrous and evil creatures that shun the. I’m currently running a game of D&D and was wondering (and this might be a stupid question but I can’t find anything on it) how far Faerun is.

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North and east of Waterdeep lies a large and notorious domain called the Northdark. The Underdark is undeedark to many predatorsraces and fantasy monsters, most of which are hostile. The mind flayers also keep a few thralls of other races here as spies and lures for various schemes.

Archived from the original on These worshipers of the Dark Goddess are more cohesive and powerful than any other religious sect that remains in the city. Under the blues’ direction, the goblins diverted a spring that had once supplied the communities on the surface with water. Faefun and settlements in the same domain are much more likely to engage in diplomacy, trade, or warfare than cities in separate domains. Other creatures from both planes soon joined her there, and in the undereark twenty years, Earth’s End has become a thriving Lowerdark community.

Geography of the Underdark

The proceeds from the water sales have gone into fortifying the warren and making it a undercark place to live. She retreated underground and established a base in the remote Lowerdark, where undervark could live in communion with both of the worlds that define her. Araumycos will sometimes attack intruders with poison, spores, and manifestations that resemble oozes and slimes.


Holorarar dissipated when Deep Shanatar finally fell apart after the Kin Clashes. Gateway to the Savage Frontier.

Faerûn – Wikipedia

There are several nation states and many independent cities, with loose alliances being formed for defense or conquest. This area is actually inhabited by a loose confederation faerub skulks, whose clans are spread throughout the old kingdom. The government has been relatively free of corruption for the last years, but recent events have put the three rulers at odds. Its citizens constantly seek slaves to fill the ranks of its armies and work in its mines.

No shops exist to serve them, and the town has no inns.

Forgotten Realms – Wikipedia

Because the svirfneblin flooded and collapsed certain interior city tunnels during the attack, the wererats can’t get very far back into the city. Even the illithids of Oryndoll give the village a wide berth, fearing the consequences if one of the aboleths should eat a mind flayer.

Hurnoj has been instructed to use any means at his disposal to get the items on his master’s lists. Running or charging within Araumycos is impossible. It borders on an arm of the Glimmersea, deep below the coasts of Sembia. This stone giant village reeks with the stench of the undead.

Speleosa Turska Underwalk N female earth genasi druid 15ruler of the town. Araumycos is immune to magic and has all the traits of the plant creature type, underddark its sentience is debatable.


A river and its tributary run through the city, providing fresh water and driving winches, pumps, and other mechanical devices.

The lead skum lives in the biggest cave on the faedun bottom. A history is given for each, and for some of the more complex areas, descriptions of important sites and NPCs are included. A secret cabal of Mulhorandi necromancers founded uhderdark city as a secret stronghold more than a thousand years ago, before Thay rebelled from the pharaoh’s rule. Cloakerhaven has no stairs.

Some places are dimly lit by glowing rocks, luminous crystals, or phosphorescent moss, lichen, and fungi. Community assets are calculated from the total population because slaves do help to generate wealth, even if they don’t hold any of it. These terrible abominations invaded Deep Imaskar itself through the planar portals and caused great destruction before they were driven off.

Originally spread across eight subkingdoms that battled in what are known as the Spawn Wars, the dwarves of Shenatar eventually convened to form a lasting peace, ruling from the Wyrmskall Throne, a seat of authority that could be moved from kingdom to kingdom.

Swords of the Iron Legion. Colonies of fungus folk live inside its body and protect their domains aggressively.

Beneath the mighty desert of Anauroch lie the Buried Realms, the demesnes of the unspeakable phaerimm.