Gevin Giorbran, in his book Everything Forever, premises much of his insight on the idea that what is “real” are not only the states the universe. Profits from the sale of Gevin’s work will go to the Gevin Giorbran Memorial Fund. Everything Forever Learning to See Timelessness. Gevin Giorbran. Enchanted. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Everything Forever; Learning To See Timelessness by Gevin, Giorbran and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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His reviews of various theoreticians in the history of the subject are excellent. A direct link to the above video is at http: Well thought out, rewarding and thought provoking. NYT —If analyses viorbran presented here are correct, eternal darkness and infinite expansion are the ultimate destiny of the universe.

I highly recommend this book for those looking for a simple and elegant hypothesis of the eevrything, meaningful universe. Time flows freely, but like a river it obeys the contours of a landscape. Feb 25, – This age-old human fascination with our place in an infinite universe is the foundation upon.

J Young Gevin Giorbran, in his book Everything Forever, premises much of his insight on the idea that what is “real” are not only the states the universe empirically occupies but also the states the universe can potentially occupy.

What do you think?

All time in every universe moves toward the balance of a universal zero. The foundational idea, Giorbran’s version of the two kinds of order originally proposed by Bohm, is brilliant cutting edge science that clearly establishes a welcome redefinition of the previously bleak second law of thermodynamics.


Gevin Giobran uses concepts of other great physicist and folds them into his own concepts of time and the Universe. If creatures like us have the power to build today atomic and hydrogen bombs, and tomorrow anti-matter bombs, I think that forevr is important to develop the tuning between Simplicity and Complexity in order to survive these powers.

Everything Forever: Learning To See Timelessness

From the big bang, or Alpha state, to the final Omega state, the universe is not winding down as the traditional explanation of the second law of thermodynamics is currently understood. He develops his biorbran ideas on the nature of order what he calls “grouping” and “symmetry” orders that provides the basis for his conclusions on the nature of time as we experience it and timelessness as can be experienced–the subtitle of the book is “Learning to See Timelessness”.

I would like to offer further investigation of the ecerything of polarity.

We can appreciate even scientifically that the universe itself is alive, at very least through each one of us. It is the timeless whole. He has a unique ability to take complicated concepts and explain them simply, but comprehensively.

We have been convinced instead, because we observe a measure of randomness that the order of the universe is simply winding down. I wish I could be around in a years to see how current theories were altered by his contributions.

Giorbran builds a spectacular vision by extending the ideas of David Bohm and Stephen Hawking, creating a visual everythung of the space of all possible states soaps. Newer Post Older Post Home. Tenth Dimension Vlog playlist. Add to Your books.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension: Gevin Giorbran – Everything is Forever

All the stories; my story, your story, exists forever. It is somewhat like seeing the glass half full or half empty. Time, energy, the forces of nature, and meaning are all a result of the universe moving toward its most probable future, a future of perfect balance. Through our respective projects, Gevin and I had each come up with useful ways of visualizing the timeless background that our universe or any other universe springs from, and Tiorbran am proud of the fact everythlng Gevin devoted several pages of his book to an explanation of why my Imagining the Tenth Dimension project is as worthy of serious consideration as Gevin’s concepts from Everything Forever have proven to be.


A Brilliant Jewel By P. The electromagnetic force represents the arrow of time moving toward the future. A student from the island of Sunim, where the blackboards are giorbgan and the chalk is black, came in and remarked that my chalkboard was empty.

We argued far into the night. Reading is laborious at times but the book demonstrates that in order to explain “what is” one must consider all possibilities of what could have been but is not.

Inwhen astrophysicists discovered the expansion of the universe is in fact accelerating towards absolute zero, it became apparent to Gevin that he needed to refine and polish the presentation of his ideas in order to better communicate them to the scientific mainstream and the general public.

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