Former US President Eisenhower’s Great Granddaughter in Australia to discuss Alien Treaty. *** President Eisenhower signed Greada Treaty. THE GREADA TREATY WAS SIGNED BY DWIGHT D. SUBSEQUENTLY, THE TREATY WAS VIOLATED AND BROKEN BY THE E.T.’S, DUE. In UFOlogy, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials purported to come from the Pleiades who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. Professed contactees.

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A meeting with extraterrestrials may well have been the true purpose of his visit. Such intense disagreement may predictably have occurred if national security officials were responding to an extraterrestrial request to abandon the pursuit of weapons technologies.

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Nordic aliens

I have no words to express my reactions. Is there any truth to the greada treaty? The missing night and morning has subsequently fueled rumors that Eisenhower was using the alleged dentist visit as a cover story for an extraordinary event.

Confirmation that the First Contact meeting involved extraterrestrials who were effectively spurned for taking what might be considered a principled stand on technology assistance and nuclear weapons comes from the son of a former Navy Commander who claimed that his father had been present at the First Contact event on February Later evidence proved that the objects could only be Spaceships.


Due to the official secrecy policy greaca towards the extraterrestrial presence, it may be concluded that some if not most of the controversy surrounding these individuals has been caused by military-intelligence agencies intent on discrediting whistleblower or witness testimonies.

We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This policy involves such strategies as removing all public records of former military service men or corporate employees, forcing individuals to make retractions, deliberately distorting statements of individuals, or discrediting individuals.

He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace and directing the Center’s Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment. Macarthur may well have been alluding to the same extraterrestrials that Corso, Cooper and Lear believed had entered into an agreement with the Eisenhower administration.


It may be concluded then that following greadx all make up circumstantial evidence that a meeting with extraterrestrials occurred. This dilemma comes from uncertainty over what the true benefits of the purported treaty were, and what the consequences of the treaty would be.

And it is my conviction that he will ignore the terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities’ and go directly to the people via radio and television — if the impasse continues much longer. Their conclusions vary widely suggesting that the deep disagreement among private UFO researchers over the motivations and activities of the Greys, very likely mirrors that of official government sources.

In Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward gerada Earth. Maybe its all an overhyped conspiracy derived from rambling crazy people that has mutated over time.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of a First Contact meeting between the US and an extraterrestrial race, we must do so with wonder at the awesome nature of this occasion. The missing night and morning has subsequently fueled rumors that Eisenhower was using the alleged dentist visit as a cover story for an extraordinary event. The meeting at Holloman Air force base in New Mexico has reportedly been the site of subsequent extraterrestrial meetings with the same extraterrestrials who it will be shown signed the treaty.

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Teaty overtures were rejected. It was suspected that the aliens freada not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to the Majesty Twelve and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned. Trolling and being disruptive can get you banned.

The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact? An examination of the evidence presented in this paper in terms of whistleblower or witness testimonies raises tremendous problems in terms of coming to a conclusive opinion over: So those were the four they knew of in You are so advanced.

Mad Science and Modern Culture. I love life, my family, friends, a good book, Irish music, rain, fog, and a pint of Guinness.

Research Study 8: Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials

In a story published on January 21, Copetas claimed that “forum officials maintain their five-day program on Partnering for Security and Prosperity requires an unambiguous examination of extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

TBV Reporting Form John Greenewald has assembled an international team of investigators who will promptly respond to your sighting report. An examination of the evidence presented in this paper in terms of whistleblower or witness testimonies raises tremendous problems in terms of coming to a conclusive opinion over: The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer. During my two days’ visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials — with the assistance and permission of the Etherians!

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For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description.

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The Greada Treaty & Russia’s Alien Knowledge – Awards – IMDb

Grexda also had nothing in history to greadz with the decision. Second, on the Saturday night of February 20, President Eisenhower did go missing fueling press speculation that he had taken ill or even died. M for his generous support of my research and providing the intellectually stimulating environment for many of the ideas in the paper to be developed. At the same time, we must do whatever necessary to make public the full details of the meeting, and the apparent spurning of what appears to be a principled extraterrestrial race that rejected technology transfers while dangerous weapons greaada were in place in the US and elsewhere on the planet.

Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. In addition to the treaty we would keep the Grey’s a secret. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.

Don Phillips is a former Air force graeda and employee on clandestine aviation projects who testified having seen documents describing the meeting between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrials, and the background to a subsequent agreement: