In order to apply for a HAMP loan modification, you will need to complete a Request for Modification Assistance (RMA) form with supporting. Under HAMP, the Treasury (pictured above) provides capped for modification and affidavit (RMA) form; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). On March 30, HAMP released Updated RMA Form Now Available. The Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) Form has been updated to reflect the policy.

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There is no requirement to refresh the income documentation during the TPP. This will abide you some time. They escalated and requested that my bank statements be reviewed, but after 10 business days, they hadn’t. In the meantime, I received the denial letter which rmx payment of arrears and threatened foreclosure.

is 90 day document expiration real in a HAMP RMA process? | LoanSafe’s Mortgage & Real Estate Forum

The banking world being one of the largest cogs Resources for Press Find relevant information including recent news, program performance reports, and other resources specifically for the press in one convenient location. NW, Washington, DC Since I will be resubmitting within the next couple weeks, and my balances will be clearly visible ahmp my 3 months of bank statements. For race, you may check more than one designation.

If I ever received a letter, it was a form letter that listed every component of the RMA and was meaningless. Keep in mind that these reps are keeping track of upwards of files each and that is not an easy task.

They said that I didn’t provide my updated bank statements that they requested, but actually they did receive them and I confirmed that with their relationship managers. You are not required to disclose Child Support, Alimony or Separation Maintenance income, unless you choose to have it considered by your servicer.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? This is in response to “not receiving updated bank statements” – which they actually did receive and I spoke with multiple “relationship managers” prior and after the denial letter that confirmed that the bank statements had been received. There is a section that follows that is requested but is not necessary to be filled out and it is rka like a short hand census that states:.

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If they say resubmit, should I start over or argue my case. I have not filed a complaint with OCC yet. Not that I know of, but I am pretty sure they will not give you a Hamp with a substantial amount of money in the bank even though legally they cannot tell you that is the reason for denial.

When I start again, I just want to know, if this “refreshing request” is legit and if I must comply. I think it is to get the RMA declined to proceed with foreclosure.

You are not required to furnish this information, but are encouraged to do so. Hi finalchapter, I would most definitely resubmit a new package. Finally at the bottom you will find a series of questions and recitals that you must agree to in order to have your file reviewed.

This is what they do.

Reap the Full Benefits https: I did, maybe it helped hmp mod or maybe it didn’t, but I sure gave it a try. Thousands of Short Sales saved from Buyers dropping their offers! Free expert help is just a phone call away.

I almost think this tactic is deliberate. Connect Stay connected through our social networks for info and resources. I am willing to provide all requested documents and to respond to all Servicer questions in a timely manner. Thread starter finalchapter Start date Mar 6, It just helps us to be able to answer your questions and see the information as to your situation in one place.

Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars Mar 12, What is the HAMP review?

Once it passed that stage it moves on for the “analysis” and mod decision and I was told from that point through TPP no further “refreshing” is required. If you have any questions or concerns we request that you participate in the postings below and put up your questions.


The entire HAMP Loan Modification process can take many months so remember to be patient as there are an estimate 12 Million people that will be affected by foreclosures in That is why I asked about the 90 day limit. On one hand the ball is in their court, but if we don’t take charge they will just “throw the game”.

I understand the Servicer will pull a current credit report on all borrowers obligated on the Note. I was part of the IFR process and the settlement. I was even part of the massive lawsuit and received the token settlement payment through that action. This is followed by a section used to document the financial income and out go for the homeowner. Also, the way I was ever informed and instructed about their needs was when I called them. We get email notifications with every single new post.

The information contained in these documents is subject to examination and verification. Many different acronyms get thrown around frequently in the business world.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP

Forums New posts Search forums. Keeping the new questions in one thread regardless of the title of the question just helps us to formulate an answer for you without having to keep going back and forth between all of the threads.

This has been 5 haml so far! Thanks so much LO. This is another section where the homeowner can document if necessary what other type of hardship they have been affected by.