Core Rulebook and PAC pdf’s finally posted by Wizkids HeroClix General Discussion. This is the HeroClix Rules (reference) section of our site. The rules infromation comes from the latest rule-book and the Powers & Abilities Card. Heroclix Marvel – 1 Infinity Challenge Rulebook by mrtibbles in marvel and heroclix.

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Gulebook, the rules forum is humming along. Originally Posted by willprogresivo Why would they add Obscuring terrain and not update Smoke Cloud to create Obscuring terrain as opposed to hindering?

Wolverazio Moderator Online Online Status: We heard from many of you that were very excited for the new rules launch and the future of HeroClix, and we are too! Originally Posted by jsligh.

HEROCLIX: New Rules Arrive – Bell of Lost Souls

Originally Posted by willprogresivo. Find More Posts by willprogresivo. We will try and read everything on topic but can only respond via articles heeoclix [ As most of you know, the new rules were released online Monday, August 21st and can be [ Hey HeroClix fans, We wanted to take a moment to talk to you about the philosophy and structure of the HeroClix rules documents, which are available online right here!


Please select a support frequency. You only stop your movement in green or blue, and you can’t see thru green or white. The rules are available for free, a map can be drawn on a large sheet of paper, tokens can be anything – the only other required elements are the figures and a pair of dice.

Newest Article – Beta Ray Bill. Find More Posts by Griff I’m looking to grab some starters for casual games but I can’t tell what are the starter sets for this game can someone help?

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Griff Member Online Online Status: Try these rules and scenarios. Smoke Online Online Status: It showed readers how their herroclix heroes would cope with everyone having powers.

Oct Join Date: Originally Posted by Thrumble Funk. The Animated Series later in Hope I could help out.

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Learn more about HeroClix below! HeroClix Rules 1: Feb Join Date: Greetings HeroClix players,The following HeroClix releases— including all game elements and maps that were part of each release— will be rotated from Modern Age tournament play as of June 1, prior to the HeroClix U.


We are pleased to report that the majority of questions have been answered by pointing out where they can eulebook found in the core or comprehensive rulebook.

Originally Ruleboko by Snake Eyes Again.

The odds of them gutting Smoke Cloud like that is next to zero. At least they are the ones available right now in my local shop. Find More Posts by Warborg.

Happened before, will happen again. Aug Join Date: Why would they add Obscuring terrain and not update Smoke Cloud to create Obscuring terrain as opposed to hindering?