Intertherm CSA is a novel high performance coating that is applied using standard application equipment and cures effectively at ambient temperatures. Product Name: Intertherm CSA Grey Aluminium Part A Product Code: HTA Language: English Regulation: GHS/CLP Manufacturer: International Paints. Product Name: Intertherm CSA ALUMINIUM PART A. Product Code: HTA Language: English. Regulation: GHS/CLP. Manufacturer: International Paint.

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It does look ugly though and people 751csaa that this “wonder coating is rusting already” when they see it! Plant people are accustomed to dealing with flammable gasses. That does bounce of is mostly AlO2. If I can help you in any way please let me know.

Intertherm 751CSA

I still have some contacts and could 751cza speak with someone who could give me direct info about that experience. If yes, let’s work out a way to share the info offline. So it is a rather unique coating situation.

Bloody interesting post there Thermalsprayer. High pressure and flammable gasses — As in gas welding, care must be taken when using interther, gasses. No one get’s out of it alive. I am quite pleased with the results it has provided me. I went on this trip to help the petrochemical company in Singapore pick a few contractors that interherm can add to the TSA Mob. Significant volumes of insulated and uninsulated steelwork can be coated with a single specification, thereby reducing complexity and smoothing the progress of maintenance schedules etc.


It is pretty evident that there is no longer lasting, less expensive coating than “true” TSA. That’s the great part aobut TSA.

Close interthermm window and log in. I also point out to them that the dust from blasting is untertherm greater than the dust from flame spray. Complete a full risk assessment for your workplace so that you can map out all the hazards into a single comprehensive COSHH assessment. International state that it’s cheaper than TSA and has other preferential benefits like insitu application The way you describe it, the technique is really just an extension of what they are already doing You are correct, it’s not true CSA, but let’s not get caught up in a sideline trip down the “definitions roadway”.

The folks at Esso claim that interferes with UT measurement, so they’ve stopped using Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

I seem to recall that Exxon Mobil when we were tied in to them were thinking of something similar. I am not saying that paint doesn’t work, it just that these guys ExxonMobil and Shell know that TSA works and they have over intertheem years of testing to prove it. We have three insulated equipment items partially coated in I understand that Santos is South Australia is in the process of using it extensively In intedtherm operating plant, we only use the flame spray process, and never arc spray.


We are trying to provide a perfect surface but are running into porosity, flow lines, scratches, tool interthern, etc etc. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

Can it be readily used in congested plant areas or is it best in unconfined spaces?

Fight effects of high heat, CUI with Intertherm® CSA – BIC Magazine

That’s why they push me to train more and more applicators, so they can bid against each other and charge some realistic prices. When blasting, you are also creating sparks, and these sprays are directly on the substrate! MSDS includes information such as melting point, boiling point, and flash point of a hazardous material.

TSA is more of a barrier coating if there is not a lot of uncoated iron that is connected by an electrolyte water. I did find the CSA links informative – but the technique seems fairly specialised and I don’t think it has any practical applicablility to the CUI issues I have in mind. Instructions on what protective equipments should be used to handle the materials.

I am desperate for some help!!! It painted on very simply and the quality of the coating looked excellent in all cases.