The Crusader Bible thumbnails. 43r · Fol. 43v · Patronage · About the Book · Artists · Inscriptions · Provenance · Technical Analysis of The Crusader Bible. Maciejowski Bible: Commissioned ca. by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis); illuminated by a number of leading Parisian artists. One of my favourite primary sources for the thirteenth century is a remarkable manuscript known as the Maciejowski Bible (Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York: .

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The artistic origin of the Crusader’s Bible is just as exciting as its journey around the world.

The Crusader Bible

Servant in braies – details. Morgan Bible 28r detail. Man in shausses – detail. Some more details about the owners of the manuscript appear in the 19th century: Retrieved from ” https: Leaf 1 from the Maciejowski Bible.

Here Joshua, together with four knights of Israel, stands outside a tent while his defeated foes arrive to make their submission. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you would like to be notified by email mxciejowski additions have been made to the Maciejowski Bible section of this website, Click Here. A crusader from heart maciejowaki bone, Louis attributed great importance to the war scenesin order to emphasise his crusading ideal and to provide not only additional incentives but also guidelines with which to conquer the Holy Land.

Of particular importance to Louis was apparently the depiction of war scenes, in order to emphasize his thoughts and ideas on the Mxciejowski.

It is reported that he had them later blinded and killed, for fear that they would be too popular among his people. Typical biblical war scenes showing the conquest of the Holy Land depict costumes, blbel and weapons of the 13th century in the most minor detail and the beholder has the impression to see the most Christian King of all in action, as a victorious warrior.

Even the most authoritative sources can only stipulate with certainty that it was created somewhere between – AD; hence, the oft cited “Circa “. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat It explains with artistic perfection the idea and the concept of the crusade which marked King Louis ‘ reign and politics.


Later, in the eighteenth century, inscriptions were added in Judeo-Persian. Therefore, we have scanned and placed all of the images from the Maciejowski Bible onto this web site so that all may enjoy them, and gain vision into the 13th century. Recommend this site to a friend Maciejjowski building of the Tower of Babel Genesis Although this is a chronicle of a time period as many as 12, years prior to the period in which it was composed, this is nonetheless a superb chronicle of maclejowski life and times of the 13th century.

The Morgan Picture Bible stood maciejowskii a foot tall bibeo contained more than scenes from the Old Testament, extending from the story of Creation to the reign of King David. Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Morgan Bible

Emery Walker for his exceptional reproduction of the scenes in Folio 10 verso back Joshua takes the submission of the Gibeonites Joshua 9: You can also Sign up for a Free Account to access some prices online and save a list of your Favorites.

I particularly like the man in the margin who is hanging off the end of the trebuchet a stone-throwing siege engine. These images are not here for purposes of making profit – they are presented for your edification and enjoyment, with intellectual and cultural objectives in mind.

Morgan Bible 10r detail. All in all, six painters participated in the illumination of the Crusader’s Bible.

These were Latin descriptions, in an Italian maciejiwski, with beautifully painted Italian initials “first letters” beginning each description. Though it originally consisted exclusively of pictures with no accompanying text, three sets of captions were later added to the leaves, summarizing the contents of the images.

There are also some incredibly action-packed battle scenes which give a real flavour of what combat was like during the mid-thirteenth century and provide information on bibrl armour and weapons in use at the time. It is most famous for its astonishing and vivid illustrations, which were produced by six or seven different medieval artists. Until they locate a definitive, authoritative and documented answer to this conundrum, maciejowzki suggest that you, essentially, “take your pick” or, if you know of another pronunciation, please email us and we will add it to the list of possibilities until an answer is found.


Nothing is known about the further destiny of the manuscript. The Bodleian Library in Oxford still possesses a manuscript which the King commissioned around the same time as the Crusader’s Bible and which still is in its original Gothic deluxe macciejowski binding. It contains 46 known leaves each double-sided, giving 92 pages and depicts the Old Testament from the Creation to the story of David.

We gratefully acknowledge the intellectual, artistic and creative efforts and achievements of the following participants responsible for the creation and preservation of this masterpiece of historical illumination:.

Morgan Bible – Wikipedia

The images presented here have been grouped by original leaf folio. The knights are all wearing thirteenth-century mail and coloured surcoats; Joshua himself has folded back his mail coif hood to reveal the arming cap beneath, a sort of linen cap which would stop the mail getting caught up in his hair.

Shah Naciejowski, through the assistance of missionaries and interpreters, ordered Persian descriptions of each of the scenes to be added to the margins. The historiated Bible of Louis the Sain t was made around in a Parisian workshop.

The most common of the ‘s reprints were pages in length, printed in Switzerland and had ALL of the scenes color AND black-and-white reproduced in full color. Subsequent reprintings of ” Old Testament Miniatures ” continued well into the late ‘s there is reportedly a reprinting available as well, entitled ” The Morgan Crusader Bible: Each leaf is approximately 39 x 30cm, with an inner picture area approximately 27 x 23 cm.

In addition, three leaves were removed from the manuscript upon his wish and luckily survived all the troubles of time; today they are kept in Paris and Malibu respectively.