DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. I probably shouldn’t be posting this before the maiden but whatever Blues Alula is just to sexy. Sexy and very time consuming to build/sand so. Just built myself a little micro glider, its based on a popular Alula DLG. Its a fun little plane to trow around the backyard. My friend recorded

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I ordered mine today. The 2″ is over wide to take the fuz sides and it gets trimmed down and shaped later. I am going out to buy one alulx practice the David through technic! I think that with lighter elevons I can get the weight down to about 4. The build was exceptionally easy with a very clear and concise instruction booklet. You need to log-in to comment on articles.

Dream-Flight Alula

Seems to me that just copying a design and making your own planw of a plane isn’t really a big deal. It’s on it’s way from California From a 6 ft high, level, toss I can get ft of distance. The issue, which I never resolved, was extreme vibration on the elevons at high speeds, which severely limited the launch. Looking for something micro and stable. Nice little glider, I think it would do very well at slope soaring. I would like to do it without tape, keep it light and protected What do you think?

Nice – looks good so far. I opted to use just a permanent marker for color to reduce weight. So far, its held up very nicely. I am presently trying new methods to produce a standard and tapered profiled wingI am using layers because I cant hot cut.


Project: DLG Alula – RC Groups

It will be ok in high wind but in light conditions it is poor Viking60, who has much more experiance on KFm slope and gliders, made some sugestions and taking those on board, and with some ideas of my own, I went on and built the A-clone What a difference, a nice flat glide, with pplans speed and manouverability. Its glued on with epoxy I think I’ve already fried one receiver Spektrum trying to figure this out.

This I am sure was down to building the wing as I would my powered KF designs palns fairly deep steps and steps on top and as you can see on the bottom.

Uploaded are drawings, templates and some photos Also need to add some expo to both the ailerons and the elevator. There is no great difficulty, all the layers were cut to full size so when laminated the LE was just a squared off shape.

Does it really work? The W-clone is all laminated and the body builtLE shaped nose etc shaped. Though I’m still to chicken to actually fly it Well done guys in “chucking” up a DLG ish review!

The most important thing I did to the pod was to place carbon tow in some select places. Modarius “Watch out for I shaped the pod as nicely as a I could trying to keep it as round as possible and smoothly forming it to be flush with the wing where planz will be joined.

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However, the “factory” is shutdown for expansion, with no date given for restarting production. The tail is cut 2x3mm layers of 12″x5.

Pushrods run through pod after boring a hole in the foam. I finally plana one after seeing this video! Include a short peg for throwing it.

I like its “bite” on the finger better than a round rod. Last apula by davereap; Feb 18, at Having made the mistake of “just one more try” – on my final throw – the plane launched high – and responded oddly to my inputs – it landed on the nose and wing and sadly tore what seems to be a potential weak spot between nose and wing – diagonally across where the receiver area had been hollowed out a bit.

The final AUW is about 4. S-1 electric flying wing glider. I am still a tenderfoot when it comes to thermal and DLG flight, but with this plane in the hands of an experienced pilot, 2 minute flights should be easy. The impetus so keep the EPP bare at the planns part of the wing was to have the texture of the EPP actually act as a turbulator and inhibit the formation of separation bubbles which should be likely at the slow speeds and low Re this plane operates.