One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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It unfortunately can’t be melded into an attack, but you can use a normal throw attack on the end of it to perform his Jodo-Okuri throw. Let’s doa straight to it: This will launch the opponent and is quick. She takes a bit of practice. Human -watch for people who continually backflip and dash at you.

If Brad Wong is laying down then you dooa4 perform a low throw on him. If the opponent attacks when rising do one of these two things. Tag Throw List A very special thanks goes to hitomi ownz me for compiling this list.

If you’re used to Ryu in previous DOA games, he’s not the same. Try blocking the first blow that Bass throws at you, then quickly tapping your high attack hold combo before the next strike lands.

Dead or Alive 4 Strategy Guide

A few things to take note gukde. The first, Command Input, will show you what buttons you’re pressing in real-time, which dox4 be helpful if you’re trying to compare what you’re doing with what the move you’re trying to perform is like. These kind of hesitations are built into the moves, which can throw your opponents off of their games, since most strikes within a combo are usually delivered in as rapid a succession as possible.

Button mashers will often fall back on standard gujde which, when learned, dka4 sometimes be easily blocked. Although the game is very offensive-minded, blocking is still an important skill to learn. Try to learn the combos that have a good distribution of height and use those more often than combos that rely on a bunch of strikes at the same level.

She can be an excellent character if mastered and will guied the opponent feeling the pain of massive combos. If you see a stunned opponent this is sure to launch them. Veteran players however are very aware of Jann Lee’s moves and his basic attacks will become a lot less effective against them.

In most cases, to prevent your foes from countering you, you’ll want to try and use combos and strikes that hit high, low, and medium in rapid succession, rather than relying on simple combos with numerous blows that all hit at the same height.


Dead or Alive 4 Walkthrough

That doesn’t mean that he can’t be successful when used online, but you’ll definitely have to try and mix up the heights of your attacks if you don’t want to get rebuffed, especially against countermove masters. Computer -I highly suggest NOT punching the computer unless you are juggling them or are sure it will hit. Practice double tapping left and right so you can jump back and forth quickly, thus allowing you to trick them into attacking or trying to throw you leaving them wide open to attacks.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. If however they have not been blocking they will most likely be stunned at this point, or at the very least vulnerable to an attack that will stun them. If you get hit by this immediately begin to mash mid punch counter.

Character Changes Kasumi Pressing one of the different buttons will switch her hair between long, braids, and two styles of ponytail. He moves quite differently from any other character, and has a number of different stances that will open up almost entirely unique movesets. Use whatever you find the easiest to input commands in. Combo throws are generally going to be the most difficult maneuvers to pull off in sparring, especially combos with half or full-circle vuide stick movements incorporated in them, like Guidf complicated Raijin throw.

This is the hardest to counter, but if you continually mid kick counter you should dow4 step one of the kicks, just be sure to come out with a quick combo or she’ll turn and hit you with the rest.

Human -Watch for multiple mid punches.

Instead of just being a quick grab, they will rear back or perform some other action before they do their lunge. Jann Lee is a strong and easy character to master. Our personal favorite moves from this position and there are plenty of them both let you open up to juggle combos.

A lot of practice will be required to just get this first segment down You suk you nub!!! Besides that, Hayate is perhaps most famous for possessing the most difficult maneuver in the game: Abuse this throw to mix people up who are expecting you to kick them to get back up. The average response time of the normal player is attacks before they guidde attempt to counter remember this is assuming they counter, not everyone will do this but a lot of the more proficient players will counter in an attempt to get themselves back into the offensive position.


Human -Do your giude to stay out of positions you can be thrown by continually comboing and doing minimal blocking and countering. Thus, Ein is not going to have any of the moves that Hayate of DOA4 does, so being skillful dow4 one character won’t transfer over to the other; in fact, Ein’s moves are more closely related to those of Hitomi than anyone else.

A very useful trick in DOA is to set your opponent up in such a way that you can do huide you please with them, and to do this you must trick them.

Computer -Funny the computer plays about in the same manner with Ein as it does Eoa4.

Dead or Alive 4 Walkthrough – GameSpot

Don’t have an account? DO NOT counter unless you have a fairly good idea that you will counter the move, as failed counters cause you to recieve extra damage or open you up to very damaging critical throws.

Throwing is another good option here. If you perform the first half of the rotation before the throw animation is done, then you won’t jump, and you can hopefully get the first part of the throw off. It’ll take a while to learn the most popular combos for each of the characters in the game, but doing so, and learning how to hold in the middle of them, will make you a much more efficient player.

Although repeating moves over and over again might seem tedious, it’s probably the only way to enter them into your memory so that you can pull them off in actual matches; without adequate practice, you’re going to be struggling to remember the dizzying array of actions that are possible with Brad.

So, basically, try to button mash if possible.

The unpredictability of online play leads to a bit more utility for blocking, especially when you learn an opponent’s patterns. Views Read Edit View history. Zero Points Note that a number of these “achievements” actually give you zero points.