iriver clix user guide – chisquared – download iriver clix user guide iriver pdf iriver pmc mp3 players owners manual – manual iriver t listening experience during the playback of your audible filesdownload iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual. Download Iriver Clix Manual Pdf download iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual online s mp3 player pdf.

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Selects the type for turning off the player. Select [Music] in the [Home] menu. Records voice only when sound can be detected. Deletes all data in the product. Users are responsible for observing the copyrights and intellectual properties.

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If it is properly connected, the LCD will be shown as below. You can store 10 pages for latest 10 text files. Select [Videos] in the [Home] menu. The earphones cord functions as an antenna. Podcast provides portable media player 28 users with various kinds of audio and video files including news, dramas and other media contents. Using iriver plus 3 and Windows Media Player 11you can save music and picture files from PC to the iriver clix.

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Changes levels of each frequency range to create your own equalization.

iriver clix user guide

When there are files with related names, selects whether those are played with sequential order or not. Use the application with the Podcast icon on iriver plus 3.

Transferring Podcast file to the product To transfer Podcast file to the product, you need to use Podcast Manager. Classifies your favorite music by star ratings. Displays information of Audible file which is being played. Turns on or off the display. Sets the time jriver the backlight is turned on. It only supports Korean.

Sets the time of alarm clock. Selects whether the icons will be displayed or not in the [Alarm Clock] menu. Purchases music file which ,anual being played. Selects the Fade effect during a slide show.

Sets the scroll speed of characters when file information is too long to display at one time. The software, audio and video which have an intellectual property are protected by copyright and international laws.


Sets the scroll speed.

iRiver CLIX Manuals

Sets the clarity of sound. Sets the duration of alarming sound. Based on the setting of power saving mode, the product will be automatically turned off after designated period without operation.

Recovering Podcast If you format the product, all system files of Podcast will be deleted. Click [Start Synchronizing] to start transferring file. It may cause malfunction.

Select [FM Radio] from the [Home] menu. Connect the earphones to the jack of the product.