By using the Liquisolid technique, sustained drug delivery systems were developed for the water soluble drugs in which hydrophobic non-volatile solvents are. Abstract. Liquisolid technique is also known as powder solution technology. It is the technique which deals with the solubility enhancement of poorly soluble. Acta Pharm. Mar;57(1) Liquisolid technique as a tool for enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs and evaluation of their physicochemical.

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Polymorphic changes of the drug are important factors that may affect the dissolution rate and bio availability. Lower R values of liquisolid compacts contain relatively smaller amounts of carrier powder cellulosea large amount of fine coating particles silicaand the ratios of their liquid medication per powder substrate are relatively higher. However, the drug release profile entirely depends on the characteristics liqhisolid drug, carrier and vehicle used.

There are numerous applications, viz. The Liquisolid tablet preparation method involves, first a mathematically calculated amount of pure drug weighed and dissolved in the suitable amount of solvent in a molecularly dispersed state. Lquisolid Navneet B et al. Announcements Editorial Board Indexing Contact.

Article Information

Alkali metal salts of acidic drugs like penicillin and strong acid salts of basic drugs like atropine are more water soluble than parent drugs. The majority of recently discovered active moieties are poorly water-soluble and hydrophobic in nature.

Effect of Ceolus KG on the dissolution rate of fenofibrate liquisolid tablets: In liquisolid technique tecnhique and coating material which should be in the ratio of In vivo evaluation of hydrochlorothiazide liquisolid tablets in beagle dogs. Solubility is major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry with the developments of new pharmaceutical products. We have no conflict of Interest. Downloads Download data is not yet available. The dissolution rates increased almost proportionally to Liuisolid until reaching an apparent maximum plateau at powder excipient ratios greater than According to this method the conversion of water insoluble drug into dry looking, non adherent, free flowing and acceptably compressible powder by incorporating into suitable non volatile solvents, carrier material and coating materials.


It is the process in which drug powder is converted in to nanocrystals of sizes nm. Enhancement of dissolution rate of piroxicam using liquisolid compacts. Carrier materials should be sufficiently porous so that can enhance absorption properties and hence can absorb liquid sufficiently to enhance the solubility.

The Liquisolid technique: an overview

Dissolution kinetics of drugs in human gastric juice the role of surface tension. The height of the funnel was adjusted in such a way that the tip of the funnel just touches the apex of the heap of the powder.

Formulation of liquisolid compacts: Liquisolid systems pre compression and drug release properties increase with powder excipient ratios R from 5: The measuring cylinder tefhnique a known mass of blend was tapped for a fixed time.

Mechanism of enhancement of solubility: This is an open access journal, and articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.

Carriers show the potential to absorb the liquid medication. Deagglomeration behavior of relatively insoluble benzoic acid and its sodium salt.

Better availability of an techniqur administered water insoluble drug. Liquisolid systems based on the type of liquid medication can be classified into three sub groups: Viability of industrial production.

At near critical temperature, SCFs are highly compressible allowing moderate changes in pressure to greatly alter the density and mass transport characteristics of a fluid that determines its solvent power. The DSC and XPD results showed no changes in crystallinity of the drug and interaction between indomethacin and excipients Avicel and silica during the process. The poor dissolution characteristics of water insoluble drugs are a major challenge for pharmaceutical science. Absence of constructive specific peaks of the drug in the liquisolid compacts in X-ray diffractogram specify that drug has almost entirely converted from crystalline to amorphous or solubilised form.


This liquid medication is poured on the suitable amount of carrier material.

Therefore, together with permeation, solubility profile and dissolution rate profiles of drugs are major key factors for its oral bio-availability. If In vitro release rates for liquisolid tablets are higher than the absorption rate will also be higher which enhances drug bioavailability.

Dissolution test was carried out at two different pH, 1. The purpose of this article is to describe about the liquisolid technique like basics, classification, preformulation studies, characterisation, precompression studies, formulation of tablet, postcompression studies, advantages, disadvantages, applications. Various methods are studied to improve water solubility and drug release, among which the liquisolid technology is one of the most promising approaches.

Tecunique of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics3 4 Authors retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3. The liquid medication is absorbed into the carrier material internally and externally and then a suitable oiquisolid was added to this material. Need of lqiuisolid technique: Can be applied to formulate liquid medication such as oily liquid tevhnique.

A Novel Approach for Solubility Enhancement.